cheek augmentation

about cheek augmentation

Cheek filler patients in Newcastle, the North East and beyond, fall into two broad categories, although with a large degree of overlap.

Younger patients want to define and sculpt killer cheekbones and create the perfect Ogee curve to the face.

Our more mature patient are looking to restore lost volume to the mid face and provide lift after fat loss and decent has shifted things downwards.

Cheek augmentation is a great starting point for whole face rejuvenation. It’s one of our most popular treatments for all age groups.

At novellus we only use premium brands such as JuvedermTeoxaneAliaxin and Neauvia.

With any and all facial aesthetics treatments our experienced medical team will produce bespoke treatment plans in your consultation which take into account factors such as preferred gender, ethnicity, you specific anatomy etc.

treatment duration

30-45 mins

treatment longevity

12-18 months


none require
lidocane in some products


neauvia, juvederm, teoxane, aliaxin

pricing information

clinic director

aesthetics doctor/nurse

From £375
Combination Treatments from £650

From £300
Combination Treatments from £550

technical information

As we age, fat pads under the skin that help to provide structure start to diminish and move down the face, taking the overlying skin with them, causing a droopy appearance that can make us look tired or sad. We can use dermal fillers to restore these fat pads and provide lift to the mid face.

Long lasting dermal fillers injected at precise locations can lift the midface, sculpt the cheekbones and refresh the face with immediate results lasting around 12-18 months.

In the hands of our experienced doctors and nurses we can create a subtle refreshing, restoring lift.

Similarly, cheek dermal filler can be used to create killer cheekbones. We’re also experts at avoiding the overinflated, pillow-face look we know you want to avoid.

Anaesthetic agents in the cheek filler make this procedure comfortable and numbing cream is available if needed.

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