chin augmentation

about chin augmentation

Using dermal fillers to bring your chin forward or down, are a great alternative to surgical options. Injectables allow us to balance the profile, feminise or masculinise the features, and tighten the jaw.

Our medical aesthetics practitioners use precise injections of a long lasting filler which sculpts and defines a new profile for you.

This can subtly yet dramatically alter your profile. This procedure can be combined with jawline fillers & sculpting, cheek augmentation to lift from above and reduce the appearance of jowls, or a non-surgical rhinoplasty as required to perform an entire profiloplasty without resorting to surgery.

At novellus we only use premium brands such as JuvedermTeoxaneAliaxin and Neauvia.

With any and all facial aesthetics treatments our experienced medical team will produce bespoke treatment plans in your consultation which take into account factors such as preferred gender, ethnicity, you specific anatomy etc.

treatment duration

30 mins

treatment longevity

dermal filler 12-18 months


none required
lidocaine in some products


neauvia, juvederm, teoxane, aliaxin

pricing information

clinic director

aesthetics doctor/nurse

From £375

From £300

technical information

Chin filler, a non-surgical procedure, enhances facial harmony and balance by restoring volume and definition to the chin area. As we age, natural fat pad descent and bone changes can reduce chin projection, affecting facial proportions.

Our skilled practitioners conduct a thorough assessment to strategically apply dermal filler, aiming to restore chin volume and create a harmonious profile. This treatment provides immediate results lasting up to 18 months, offering a natural yet enhanced look.

For male clients seeking a more defined jawline, chin filler can sculpt a stronger profile. It can be performed alone or combined with other treatments like cheek augmentation or botox for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

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