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about cynosure laser hair removal

Genuine laser hair removal is the most powerful weapon against unwanted hair! Much more effective and permanent than IPL, it also requires fewer treatment sessions from our Newcastle base.

The Nd:YAG Cynosure Elite Plus laser is an advanced hair removal technology that operates by emitting a specialized wavelength of light. This light targets the pigment (melanin) present in hair follicles without significantly affecting the surrounding skin.

The process involves the absorption of light by the melanin in the hair follicles, converting it into heat. This heat damages the follicles, impeding future hair growth in the treated area.

For optimal results, multiple sessions are typically recommended as hair grows in different cycles. Our device is equipped with cooling mechanisms to ensure a comfortable experience during the procedure.

The treatment is safe and effective for various skin types, but individual consultations are crucial. Our trained professionals will assess your skin, hair color, and medical history to tailor a personalised treatment plan for you.


Some devices (such as the Cynosure Elite Plus) offer two laser systems in one. Specifically, the Alexandrite laser and the Nd:YAG laser. These two lasers allow for a much more customisable treatment, by allowing a tailored approach to the light frequencies that target your specific shade of skin and amount of pigment in your hair.

Comparatively, IPL uses a broader range of light frequencies in the hopes that one is suitable for that particular hair shade and is able to zap the pigment. 

By customising your laser treatment to your skin tone and hair shade, we find that patients can achieve full hair removal in as few as 6 treatments, with rarer booster sessions over the years!

While many brands will argue that their device is the best for a myriad of reasons; as long as they offer medical grade Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser, you should have impactful results.

Laser hair removal works by targeting pigment and essentially heating the hair follicle to kill it; so darker skin tones can find it difficult to find an effective laser hair removal treatment.

We have protocols to treat up to Fitzpatrick Skin Type V, and have had success treating Type VI by taking a gentle and longer approach to treatment. 

As mentioned, laser hair removal works by targeting pigment and heating it. So naturally light blondes and redheads are tricker to treat, as they lack that deeper pigment in their hair. Redheads in particular tend to have multiple shades across different areas.

However, not every blonde or redhead is a lost cause with laser hair removal! We offer a complimentary patch test in order to determine whether or not you’d be a suitable candidate, and many of our blonde/redheaded patients have found that they experience a drastic reduction in hair growth even if they are unable to achieve full hair removal. 

There could be a multitude of reasons why your laser hair removal treatments aren’t working effectively.

We’d always recommend speaking to your laser technician. They may be able to alter the laser frequencies at your next treatment. 

At novellus, our laser specialists check in at every appointment to ensure that your treatments have been as effective as possible.

If performed by an appropriately trained technician, laser hair removal is completely safe. 

Alexandrite lasers were used experimentally for hair removal 20 years before being commercially advertised in the 1990’s. Whereas, Nd:YAG has been used medically since it’s inception in 1964 to treat a range of issues.

The most common side effects to laser hair removal are burning – which is usually due to the laser frequency being too strong for your skin tone – or hypopigmentation. We recommend that patients don’t tan in between sessions or before their patch test, as your laser specialist may set a frequency for the darker skin tone, and in turn zap that pigment from the area. Treating on your natural skin tone is the safest way to achieve full hair removal!

There is no evidence to suggest that laser hair removal can cause any of the above issues – however, these are the most Googled concerns shockingly!
If you have any qualms about laser hair removal treatment, we encourage you to ask your technician at your patch test consultation! 

pricing information

Full body £300
Full leg £150
Half leg £100
Bikini £100
Full arms £100
Abdomen £50
Upper or lower back £50
Chest £50
Underarms £50
Face £50

treatment duration

30 - 90 mins depending on surface area being treated

treatment frequency

4-6 weeks apart


non required

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