injectable skin treatments

about injectable skin treatments

At novellus we use a variety of injectable skin treatment options, each with it’s own benefits and suitability to treat different skin issues. 

We have been providing Profhilo treatments for over 6 years, which is arguably one of the most well known injectable skincare options on the market; inducing more collagen and elastin production.

Our offerings in recent years have expanded to include hyaluronic acid (HA) + calcium hydroxyapetite (Ca) blended injectables which stimulate collagen and rebuild fibroblasts; including Neauvia’s HydroDeluxe, and Allergan’s HArmonyCa

We are also one of the first clinics in the North East to offer polynucleotide injectables, which are essentially injectable DNA designed to train your skin to improve.

During your complimentary consultation, your practitioner will take into account your particular skin issues, age, ethnicity, medical history etc. to provide the most suitable recommendation for you.





pricing information

Profhilo £250 per area
Profhilo Body £350 per area

HydroDeluxe £200 

HArmonyCa £400

Polynucleotides/PN £300 

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