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about tear trough treatment

Tear troughs form under the eyes due to the loss of a fat pad that sits in the cheek as we age, which can result in deep, dark hollows or dark circles. Thankfully, our minimally invasive tear trough treatment can instantly improve the appearance of this area! We can use dermal filler to plump out the tissue in the hollow and restore the contour under your eyes. Banishing dark circles and hiding eye bags, we call it a good nights sleep in a syringe.

It’s important to note that due to the anatomy of the face and why certain issues occur as we age, that often tear trough treatment is not appropriate as a standalone treatment.

The foundation of the face are the buccal fat pads in the cheeks, which shrink and drop as we age causing tired looking eyes, lack of plumpness in the midface, and jowls appearing around the jaw.

At novellus we only use premium brands such as JuvedermTeoxaneAliaxin and Neauvia.

With any and all facial aesthetics treatments our experienced medical team will produce bespoke treatment plans in your consultation which take into account factors such as preferred gender, ethnicity, you specific anatomy etc.

treatment duration

30 mins

treatment longevity

12-18 months


none required
lidocaine in some products


neauvia, juvederm, teoxane, aliaxin

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technical information

This advanced dermal filler technique should only be carried out be extensively trained doctors, dentists and nurses. Strategic injections of dermal filler are placed under the eye using a blunt ended micro-cannula, which reduces the likelihood of swelling/bruising and is safer, as it’s much less likely to injure any of the important blood vessels.

This careful placement of filler will plump out the hollow under the eye that tends to become more apparent with age. HA dermal fillers hydrate the area, which can lead to the appearance of darker eye bags becoming lightened.

With minimal downtime and results lasting a year or more, tear trough filler one of our patients’ firm favourite treatments. Jesmond clinic offering tear trough filler treatment in Newcastle & North East.

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