Jodie Comer’s Killer Skin!

January 4, 2024

jodie comer's killer skin

Here at novellus, we love a femme fatale, especially one as chic and insane as Villanelle (she’d fit in well with our team). Jodie Comer’s radiant skin has become the topic of conversation on many patients lips, asking us exactly how they can achieve her level of skin health.

novellus aesthetics clinic, based in Jesmond, Newcastle

Jodie revealed details of her regular skincare treatments and routine to the New York Times, so enlisted the help of Comers regular facialist to try the treatments for themselves.

To break it down simply;
Jodie has regular facials which include a mix of a glycolic acid peel, laser treatments for broken capillaries, lymphatic massage and hydration, microneedling and LED light therapy.

She maintains the effects of these facials with a mix of gentle exfoliation weekly (she uses the Clarisonic tool, but any oscillating cleansing brush will do), followed by a Vitamin C serum and SPF, a hydrating eye cream, and nighttime retinol cream.

Sounds complex right?

Actually, it’s extremely simple to keep up this routine once you’ve begun…

So, we did some research and found the novellus alternative treatments for your own psychopath glow!

At novellus or elsewhere, you should never feel unable to ask for guidance – it is a specialists’ job to help you look and feel your best. So, express your concerns, discuss what results you’d like, and let us tailor a plan to you and your skin.

Much like our aesthetics treatments, there’s no one size fits all solution for skincare.

Jodie Comer’s radiant skin is enough for anyone to kill for! Ig: @jodiecomer

So let us say, that hypothetically, we are creating a plan for Jodie Comer herself.

First off, laser treatments for things like broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, spider naevi, pigmentations (including age spots & freckles), solar keratoses/sun spots, and a myriad of other annoyances people experience, is extremely simple and much less intrusive than you would expect. “People often live with these annoyances because they assume there’s nothing they can do about it,” novellus’ Nurse Ness explains, “but because we have the best, medical grade laser, that basically zaps pigment, we can often help the appearance of these blemishes that bug people.”

Secondly, glycolic acid is a well known anti-aging ingredient, but would not necessarily be appropriate for everyone. Beauty Therapist Lucy stocks over 15 peels, including medical grade SkinMed peels, so we would assess each individual’s skin before progressing with a peel. Lucy’s Wrinkle Lift Peel contains glycolic acid, which focuses on reducing the appearance of fine lines!

Facial massage itself is not only incredibly soothing (how many of us have fallen asleep in Lucy’s heated treatment bed mid-facial!!!) but when done correctly can have its own benefits. Lymphatic Drainage – the act of targeting facial massage to help drain obstructions from the lymphatic system – may sound gross but actually can reduce puffiness and swelling. The lymphatic system carries white blood cells around the body and can carry bodily waste (again, gross), but when massaged correctly, blockages are broken down, dull skin is brought back to life, and irritation can be reduced. We’ve always said Lucy had magic hands!

Microneedling is an amazing treatment, treating everything from dull skin, to acne scarring, to pigmentation. By using needles as fine as human hair and needling them into the skin, we can trick our bodies into turning on its repair mechanisms. So while the needles are so fine you won’t see the puncture wounds, your body will think there’s damage and start to repair it, which is why it’s so effective with scarring!

Hydration is simple – give the skin what it needs. We already recommend that our patients drink plenty of water since it benefits all of our treatments, as well as their own health and appearance. But by exposing the skin to hyaluronic acid, we can give it a boost. Jodie Comer’s facialist uses a similar hydrating mask as the Million Dollar Facial, dousing the skin in the amazing skincare ingredient, and leaving it to sink in. With the Million Dollar, this mask is applied after some gentle microneedling (0.5mm deep), while with our WOW Fusion facial, it is microneedled directly into the skin (0.6mm deep unless we’re treating hair loss – that’s right, we can treat hair loss!!), channelled through the needles, so a bespoke cocktail of skincare is injected directly into the epidermis!

Finally, LED light therapy is not exactly new, but it is space age, with a lot of the original research being performed by NASA. You’ll have seen the photos of people with scary looking masks – not unlike Zao in Die Another Day – glowing various colours. Different wavelengths of light stimulate the skin to do different things; Red stimulates collagen synthesis, Blue kills bacteria in spots and acne; and used together you can reap the anti-ageing and anti-blemish benefits!

As it stands, these various components aren’t currently combined into one treatment with novellus, but keep your eyes peeled, because we have something big in development that’ll give you heavenly skin to rival Villianelle’s…

Credit Kelsey Deenihan Ig: @kdeenihan

Now – down to the skincare to maintain the results of such a fabulous facial.

Jodie Comer discusses how amazing Vitamin C and SPF are for daily skin maintenance (what have we been shouting about for ages!). Comer herself uses skincare with active ingredients, much like our Image Skincare range; use our Vital C Serum morning and night, and out Prevention+ moisturiser with either 30, 32, or 50+ SPF every day, yes, even if it’s cloudy/raining/snowing.

A super hydrating eye cream can never go wrong, so we recommend the Teoxane R(II) Eye Contour for an amazing all round eye cream.

Comer exfoliates weekly; so a lovely foaming cleanser such as Image’s Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser with an oscillating brush, followed by Guinot’s Gommage Eclat Parfait Scrub are an ideal mix. On slightly spottier days, Image Clear Cell Clarifying Gel Cleanser contains salicylic acid to kill bacteria!

Skincare isn’t a cookie cutter product, so please just ask if you’re not sure what would benefit you the most!

Also remember the cardinal rules of skincare:

  • Avoid the following: smoking, sunbeds, excessive drinking.
  • And drink water!!!!

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