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Choose from the very best range of aesthetic treatments with novellus aesthetics for the Fenham area. Doctor & qualified nurse-led lip fillers, Botox treatments, laser hair removal and much more.

Doctor Steven Land is a renowned international public speaker, trainer and practitioner of treatments from high-quality lip fillers, through to Botox treatments.

Fenham being based in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne is very close to novellus HQ, based in Newcastle and the area has been served by Doctor Land for many years.

With much history, Fenham originally grew as a separate township from Newcastle as part of the Barony of Bolam until the lands were given over to the Knights Templar around a thousand years ago. In 1904, Fenham was incorporated into the City of Newcastle. Since those days, Fenham has grown significantly both in population and in commerce with many businesses and diverse cultural influences. With such growth over the centuries, the demand for aesthetics, lip fillers and Botox injections have grown in tandem.

For a free of charge consultation with either Doctor Land, or one of our qualified doctors or nurse practitioners, get in touch and we can discuss everything from full facial rejuvenation, through to giving you that perfect smile with high-quality lip fillers & more for our clients across Fenham.

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