Three Ingredients To Get Great Skin

May 19, 2020

Industry secrets to great skin

Certainly those of us in the industry and those of you interested in the industry will have seen the instagram post “Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment”. Well, a message I received a couple of days ago got me thinking about this and I came to the conclusion that I disagree. You know I always like to think deeper about these things, look into the why’s and wherefore’s, take nothing at face value.

Chance can achieve great skin – some people are just born lucky, we all know one – but for most people chance or an appointment won’t get you great skin. Anyone can turn up to a 30 minute skin appointment and talk about what they have, what they want and how we get there. What actually achieves great skin is a commitment to change. Skin health is a combination of genetics, the environment in which we live and work and the products and treatments we do or don’t use on our skin. Changing products and treatments is the easy bit, committing to long term change in order to work with and mitigate the genetics we were born with and change or mitigate the environments we find ourselves in is the key.

I think most skincare experts would agree that if you sit down with us for half an hour or so and we talk through who you are, where you live and play, your life routine and what skin care you currently undertake then we can formulate a plan of treatments, products, a regime and a list of what to change in order to mange your skin. It will have arms and branches, like a tree, for things to try, treatments to explore and things we think may be of benefit but need to be tried.

What we need is a commitment to change. If you aren’t willing to travel this journey together to its conclusion then we are wasting everyones time. There are no shortcuts, there are no quick fixes; it’s taken years to get your skin to where it is now, we aren’t going to fix it in a week. Commit to change.

Commitment, time and perseverance – these are the three ingredients you need for great skin.

Dr Steven Land

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